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Who We Are

Resourcing Inclusive Communities is an initiative of Family Advocacy that provides information and resources to assist people with disability to live meaningful lives, as valued members of their communities. Inclusive communities are diverse and are made better when all people are actively involved and able to make a contribution. 

We share our vision of social inclusion with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). One of the eight guiding principles of the CRPD outlines that all people with disability have the right to experience full and effective participation and inclusion in society. Resourcing Inclusive Communities works with many allies in the community to support this vision.


People with disability thrive in the heart of the community, sharing the same everyday experiences as their fellow Australians. 


We provide resources, information, mentoring and training to enable people with disability to live as active and valued members of the community.

We support positive change through working with people with disability, families, communities and services.

Resourcing Inclusive Communities team

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Family Advocacy is a NSW independent advocacy organisation that works with families to promote and defend the rights and interests of people with developmental disability. Developmental disability occurs in the developmental period of a person’s life (from conception to adulthood) and includes but is not limited to: autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and multiple disability. 

Social Role Valorisation

All the work we undertake at Resourcing Inclusive Communities and Family Advocacy, including our events, workshops and resources, is underpinned by Social Role Valorisation (SRV), a theory that provides a comprehensive framework for how to help people with disability achieve a good life. SRV helps us understand why people with disability are devalued, and tells us that the best ways to shift this devalued status are to support the person to:

  • take part and contribute in the community through valued social roles
  • pay attention to the image of the person and those that support the person
  • develop and increase the person’s skills and competencies

You can read more about SRV in the Family Advocacy website.