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Meet our Team

kathleen Hodges web

Katie Hodges

Capacity Development Coordinator - School to Work project

Katie brings to the team over 11 years’ experience working in the disability sector.  She is passionate about empowering families with valuable, evidence-based information and resources, so that they can best support their family member living with a disability to be included in the community. Katie has a key role supporting our “School to Work” project across NSW.


Talia Roshan 2 webTalia Roshan

Capacity Development Coordinator - School to Work project
Talia is passionate about promoting the rights and interests of people with disability. Both her personal and professional experiences have strengthened her advocacy skills and has given her the knowledge and confidence to actively advocate for the full inclusion of people with disability in the community. At Resourcing Inclusive Communities, Talia plays a key role in supporting the School to Work project.


Laura Abrahams web

Laura Abrahams

Capacity Development Coordinator - Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality project

Laura is passionate about ensuring equal opportunities for every individual as well as supporting communities to provide a welcoming environment.

Coming from the sporting sector, her experience saw the development and coordination of Inclusion and Diversity projects throughout NSW and London within various sports. Laura has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of a wholly inclusive community for all persons, from both a personal and professional level.

Laura plays a key role in supporting the "Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality" project.


Jane Scott web

Jane Scott

Capacity Development Coordinator - Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality project 

Having lived and advocated alongside her peers - through mainstream education, university, open employment and community roles - Jane is passionate about enjoying and promoting opportunities much broader than those commonly offered to people with disability.

As a person with developmental disability herself, Jane brings a lifetime of experience creating an inclusive life. With experience as an NDIS participant, Jane is working towards a world where people with disability participate in all aspects of society and their inclusion is as commonplace as the inclusion of people with blue eyes.

She is excited to be doing that as part of the Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality project.


Linda web

Linda Hughes

Capacity Development Coordinator - Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality project and Individualised Living Options

Linda is excited to be working with Family Advocacy in the role of Capacity Development Coordinator within the Resourcing Inclusive Communities initiative.

Her association with Family Advocacy began almost 30 years ago, shortly after the birth of her son Jacob, who has disability and complex support needs. Linda has served on the Family Advocacy management committee and, as a Family Leader, has been involved in systemic advocacy as well as advocating for Jacob.

She also has experience as a support coordinator and has worked as a trainer and consultant to the disability sector. Linda has developed a high level of knowledge and expertise of the NDIS sector and what it takes for people with disability to lead good lives included in the community as active and valued citizens.