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What We Do

Resourcing Inclusive Communities works with people with disability, their families and the wider community to create more inclusive communities.

Our key areas of interest are:

  • shaping positive vision for life opportunities for people with disability that are typical of and valued by all Australians
  • sharing creative ideas for people with disability to connect to community through roles that encourage meaningful and valued participation and contribution
  • developing strategies to build stronger networks of support around people with disability by involving more people into the fabric of their daily lives
  • supporting the self direction of people with disability over life and management of individualised supports.

We offer:

  • events – workshops, information sessions, conferences
  • resources and information
  • advice over the phone and email
  • training and fee for service.

 Our projects

As well as providing the services outlined above, we also run specific projects funded by the Australian Government through the Information Linkages and Capacity building (ILC) program. To find out more, visit Our Projects