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My Home My Way and Making Home Real

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The My Home My Way and Making Home Real projects aim to explore individualised and innovative ways that people with a disability have created their own home, while getting the support they need.

Keep an eye on our events page for webinars and workshops coming up in 2024.

Making Home Real have also put together an ILO Toolkit, to support people with disability who are interested in pursuing an Individualised Living Option (ILO) through the NDIS.

Home is a vital part of our lives.

It not only provides us with security, privacy, comfort and control but it reflects our identity, our adulthood and our deep sense of who we are and how we connect and belong in our neighbourhood. Finding our own home is a rite of passage for all, and for most of us, is still an ongoing journey.

Yet for many people with disability, home is designed by others with little control over the decisions that most people take for granted.

Together with the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO*) we recently launched the My Home My Way website, a collection of information and resources to assist people with a disability to thrive in their own home.

The website includes videos, stories, podcasts, tips and a wealth of advice from people with developmental disabilities, their families and supporters about how they challenged tradition group home options and made a home of their own.

Visit the website at www.myhomemyway.com.au

Download My Home My Way website flyer.

Download My Home My Way podcast flyer.

*Resourcing Inclusive Communities (NSW), Belonging Matters (VIC), CRU - Community Resource Unit (QLD), Imagine More (ACT), Valued Lives (WA) and Purple Orange (SA)

We will be holding introductory webinars followed by in-depth workshops - with input from people and families who will share their experiences of what it’s like to live with

  • a friend, housemate, or sibling; or
  • in their own home surrounded by a strong network
  • a host family

At our webinars and workshops, you will:

  1. Know what a home is and is not, and be able to clearly articulate the difference between alternate models
  2. Understand that having a home is part of having a good life in neighbourhood and community
  3. Be inspired and believe that having a home of their own is possible for people with disability
  4. Explore some of the essential elements that makes one’s home their own
  5. Consider what it will take for a person to settle into their own home
  6. Explore a range of housing options as well as formal and informal supports
  7. Work collaboratively to begin addressing common fears
  8. Explore ways to renew and safeguard the person’s living arrangement

Webinar Recordings

Check out our individualised living webinars page, with recordings and other tools and resources to assist you in your Individualised Living journey.

One on One Support to explore your own home

If you’re thinking of exploring ways to create your own home, and would like to talk through your ideas with someone, or are looking for guidance and resources on how to utilise your NDIS package to develop individualised living options (ILO), reach out to us on 1800 774 764 or (02) 9869 7753.