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Great jobs are ones that people enjoy doing and can develop some skills around.










Rotary Employment Partnership Stories 

Start with the person

What do you know about the person? What does her or she like doing? What skills and strengths does he or she have? 

More questions to ask yourself

Develop a résumé

A résumé provides a short snapshot of the person and what they have to offer an employer. It does not matter if they haven’t had a job before because the résumé can list things such as the person’s work objective, hobbies, interests and skills.

Résumé Now

My Perfect Résumé 


Working in an unpaid capacity for the community is a valuable contribution, can be good work experience and may lead to paid work. It looks good on a résumé!

Personal networks

Many people find work through who they know or contacts within their networks. Try and get someone work experience in a workplace they would like by asking around for an opportunity.   

Advertise for work

Place an advert in your local paper, community noticeboard or on an online advertising site. Websites such as www.gumtree.com.au are free. Your advertisement can be short and sweet like the ones below. The person with disability doesn't have to answer the call, that is something that can be managed for them and his or her work commitment explained to a potential customer.  

Example job advertisements 

Start your own business

Why not start a business around a personal interest or pursuit that is enjoyed?

Courier business Issac Delivers

Collaborative art business CollaborArt

Dog walking business Walking his way to business  

Hand crafted jewellery Paua by Dan


The Bendigo Bickie

Cam Can Services

Can You Believe It DeeZines