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Moving out into a place of your own is an important rite of passage for people becoming adults. Having your own space full of your own possessions and set-up in the way you like is important to everyone. People with disability are being supported to live the way they want, in the place they want and with whom they want.    

Supported Living

A Place to Call Home: thinking it through 

A Home of My Own: Right, Rhetoric or Reality

Finding housemates

Some people may choose to live alone and others may want to be in a share house arrangement. Housemates could be people you know in your networks or you may need to advertise. Some share house arrangements offer a reduced rent incentive in lieu of a housemate giving some support to the housemate with disability.        

Building something from nothing: one family’s experience with supportive housemates

Tips on finding supportive housemates 

Housemate advertisement 1

Housemate advertisement 2

Housemate advertisement 3

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