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Currently in NSW many self managed opportunities funded by the state government (Ageing, Disability and Home Care – ADHC) require an individual and their family to partner with a service provider. The service provider may have some required responsibilities such as holding an individual’s funds, managing and paying accounts and covering Work, Health and Safety and insurances for employed staff.  Some support from a service may not be required but requested by an individual or their family, for example help with planning and staff provision.

The NDIS allows for choice around how an individual wants their personal plan and budget to be managed. Options include; self managing, having the NDIA manage the plan, or a service provider registered with the NDIA, or a combination of all three. 

Things to consider:

  • Be the developer and keeper of the vision for the good life.   
  • Make sure you remain in control of decision making and planning even if you get assistance from a service in those areas.
  • Be clear about what you want to take responsibility for and what you want a service to take care of.
  • Write a service agreement between you and the service provider where you choose detailing of who does what so that responsibilities are clear.
  • Have regular meetings to be sure that things run smoothly and everybody is clear about what is going on.
  • Make sure you are provided with regular accounts so that you can watch the budget and track your spending.  

Tools to help you

Choosing a service provider

Working with a service provider

Choreographing Life Roles and responsibilities between families and services