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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national government scheme of individualised funding for all eligible Australian citizens providing reasonable and necessary supports for people with disability. It is intended to allow NDIS participants to self direct their lives and supports.

What are reasonable and necessary supports?

Self direction through the NDIS 

Self Managing NDIS Plans

There are three avenues for managing an NDIS plan and budget. Agency managed, plan managed and self managed. Self managed allows for maximum control and flexibility for an individual. The NDIS participant alone or with the support of family and/or friends has direct control over the funds, the nature of and arrangement of all supports, takes responsibility for support payments and can employ their own staff of their own choosing.  

Managing plans in the NDIS   

Self managing budgets in your plan

Employing your own staff through the NDIS

Independent Advisory Council for the NDIS

The Independent Advisory Council provides advice, submissions and reports to the National Disability Insurance Agency implementing the NDIS about the principles of the Scheme that influence policy and decision making. 

General information

The NDIS in your area

Eligibility check: NDIS Access checklist

Guide for potential NDIS participants: My NDIS Pathway

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Fact Sheets for information about the NDIS and healthcare, education, mental health, transport funding, mobility allowance, housing and independent living, managing your planning, reasonable and necessary supports, requesting a review and more.  

Challenging an NDIA decision  

Requesting a review of an NDIS decision

NDIS feedback and complaints

Advocacy in a Changing Environment

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