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Essential to the good life is a sense of being in control of and able to make choices about what really matters to you. This means that many people want to direct their supports and tailor them to their individual preferences for the kind of life they want to live. Individualised funding designates funding to an individual and not a service or programme. It enables people to make choices about how supports can be arranged, where they go, what they do, who they spend time with and who assists them. People can choose how much control they would like to have over their supports and what things they would like to take responsibility for. Some people like to manage everything, while others delegate some tasks to another party, such as a service provider but remain in control of the decision making.    

Key principles of individualised funding:

  • It is about one person.
  • Funding is in the name of that person.
  • Funding is based on their assessed need. 
  • The individual and their family are the primary determiners.
  • It allows for more choice and control.
  • Information about funds and spending is transparent. 
  • Supports are flexible and can be reviewed and changed if need arises.
  • Funding is portable, as it belongs to the person and moves with them. 


Ideas for Self Directing Supports webinar series. Understanding individualised funding and practical ideas for making it work. 

Webinar 1. Getting a Life

What is self direction? What does a meaningful week look like? How can I support the goals and aspirations of my family member? How can someone have a life and not a programme?

Webinar 2. Ways of Self Directing

What can I take charge of? What are my options for assistance? How do I choose a service provider? What do direct payments involve?

Webinar 3. Employing Staff

What roles can paid staff fulfill? How can I find the right staff? What options are there for employing people? How can I train people?