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Examples from families

Every vision will be unique and is likely to be influenced by the age, interests and values of the person. Here are some examples of vision statements that families have created:

Our vision for Daniel
Our vision for Jacob B
Our vision for Megan
Our vision for Jacob H
Our vision for Jack
Our vision for Alex

Thinking about the good life

Most people would list similar things if asked what the good life is and what contributes to their happiness. They would list such things as family, friends, community, opportunities to learn and develop, work or vocational roles, a chance to pursue interests and passions and a place to call home. For a person with disability the list is not likely to be different but there may need to be some more thinking and planning around how to make these things happen.

Common elements of the good life

It can be helpful to consider the age of the person you are thinking of and what the good life looks like for someone of a similar age. The question you can ask yourself, to start your thinking, is what is important to someone of the same age without a disability and what is important for them? Not focusing on a person's disability from the outset will enable you to free up your thinking about what matters to everyone because of our humanity. Considerations about the person's disability can be thought about after in terms of what adjustments or supports will be needed to assist them to experience the good things of life.

Tools to assist your thinking

What is important to and for the person?

Who is the person?

Creating a vision - considering the good life

Things to consider

  1. Involve the person with disability in the development of the vision to the extent possible.
  2. Involve other people, especially the person’s family and friends, to create more ideas and build support for the vision for the person’s life.  
  3. Write the vision down as it clarifies thinking, can be referred to and shared with others.
  4. Review the vision and update it, especially as a person gets older and his or her interests develop.

Developing a Vision Fact Sheet

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