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Gives clear direction

Clear ideas about what you want for a person and what a meaningful and fulfilling life would look like for him or her is the first step in getting this achieved. No hope for destination can be reached without a map for the journey.

Reminds us of the big picture

Daily life has a way of weighing us down under regular routine, pressing obligations and sometimes immediate crises. In all the busyness and emergency it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. A written vision is a reminder of what really matters and an inspiration to aim high and persevere.

Helps with decision making

A clear vision for a positive future is a good start to setting some goals about how to move things forward. It can help with decision making by outlining particular directions to take and opportunities to pursue or decline, depending on how they align with the vision.

Can be shared with others

A written vision can be shared with family and friends or be developed with their input. Sharing it with others can initiate people into the positive future you foresee for your family member and helps develop allies for the journey. It can also be shared with teachers, principals, doctors, coaches, children’s workers and paid support workers or anyone else involved with the life of your family member. This can help inform them of why you are choosing a particular direction and communicates high expectations for your family member's inclusion in everyday life.