Alex the soccer player and team member

The purpose of life is a life with purpose through valued roles.

Jack the soccer player – pushing past the barriers for real participation and belonging

The birthday party host – a valued role for children encourages typical but essential life experiences.

Building community connections through valued roles

High expectations and valued roles as a pathway to a fulfilled life.

Supporting Friendships: one parent’s reflections on her son's opportunity to contribute and be valued.

Dreaming for different futures for a brother. 

Finding the pathway to an inclusive life through vision and valued roles beyond what was ever thought possible.

Getting Involved: roles, relationships and good times for achieving the good life. 

Inclusion Works: stories of community inclusion around people's genuine interests.

Breaking down the barriers through clear vision that enabled a student to engage with his peers. 

A parent’s perspective on an inclusive education as part of an inclusive life. 

Planning for the good life by taking small steps towards building a future of possibilities.

Who is Lawrence? Positive communication that helps build connections.   

Jacob at home/things I can do at school is a visual tool that helps people engage.

Rhys Walden–Goodlet embraces the role of artist. 

Acceptance and belonging through crafting valued roles.

Sowing the Seeds for a Good Life encourages others to recognise unique qualities in a person.

JACKmail: more than just a mail service

Getting involved in your community.