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A circle of support involves a group of people gathering around a person with disability at the centre to assist with the thinking, planning and actioning of their personal goals. It is also an opportunity to share hopes, dreams and heartaches as well as encouragement for the person at the centre of the circle to live a life that fulfils them.   

Circles can be created for anyone of any age and can help with ideas and planning for starting school, participating in extracurricular activities, finding a job, getting more connected to the community, moving out of home, developing greater independence, joining community groups, going on a holiday and  pursuing a dream. Getting a group together builds a great synergy, multiplies ideas and establishes a community around the person to lookout for their best interests.

Circles of Support Fact Sheet

Circles of Support Quick Overview

Circles of Support Manual

Circles of Support webinar: Hear how a parent invited family and friends to join her son’s journey into creating a life of his own, including work and moving out of home.

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