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All presentations captioned and ready to inspire! Conference Programme and Speaker Bios.
Nathan talks straight about defeating low expectations for people with disability so that he and others can live life without limitations imposed by society. Nathan has a passion to make a difference, as he challenges people to think again.
Belinda discusses the key principles of the NDIS and explains the intent and provision of one of Australia’s most comprehensive social reforms. Understand the framework and policy to make the most of new opportunities.
Jacob is in the NDIS but his journey into a typical life in the community began well before the scheme roll out. Jacob and Linda are clear that the NDIS does not provide the good life, as no support can. Find out, however, how they tailored support with a strong vision for genuine inclusion.
John and Meg share the power of valued roles for people achieving the good things of life that raise expectations and generate possibilities. Learn values based principles for making real and practical change that can transform lives.
The good life, what is it? Sometimes it can seem like a slogan. Belinda has explored the research and can share key factors that facilitate lives that people enjoy and develop within.
Can a truly inclusive education work for all children, including those with significant disabilities? Yes, and kids can be the experts! Find out from Gina how the whole class can teach us a thing or two.
Is community inclusion real? Ric will convince you that your community is ready for engagement and will arm you with some tools to get you started.
Choice is fast becoming a mantra for personal rights but does free choice result in good outcomes all the time? Find out from John how we can help people learn about choice and consequence in order to make informed decisions.
Ric champions intentional strategies for involving more people in the lives of people with disability. How do you get over the first hurdle, however, and ask people? Learn strategies and build your confidence.
Jennie has a passion for community change and acts locally. Get some tips from her, so you can be a force for diversity and change in your community.
Self direction, choice and control are new buzz words in disability circles but what does this mean for the way families and services work together? Margaret shares wisdom from lived experience about how to make respectful and effective partnerships.
Who’s going to be there for my family member when I no longer can? Don’t live in fear of the question. Learn from Marg and start thinking through the answers now!
Futures in Focus: The challenge of change - Meg Sweeney Real and lasting change demands a change in mindset. Let Meg challenge you to a right way of thinking that can lift the barriers from people's lives and allow them to be all they can be.