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My Home My Way Workshop Thursday 1 September - Nowra

  • 01 September 2022
  • 09:00am - 04:30pm
  • Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, 42 Bridge Road, Nowra

My Home My Way is a workshop to support people with disability to create and thrive in their own home.

What is this workshop about?

Home is a vital part of our lives. It not only gives us security, privacy, comfort and control but it reflects our identity, our adulthood and our deep sense of who we are and how we connect and belong in our neighbourhood.

Yet for many people, particularly people with disability, 'home' is designed and controlled by others.

This workshop is an introduction on creating a meaningful home for a person with disability, we explore individualised and innovative ways that people with a disability have created their own home, while getting the support they need.

Who is this workshop for?

People with disability, their families and advocates.

Topics covered:

  • As a person with disability, what does it mean to have your own home?
  • What would make it possible to have your own home and what does the evidence say?
  • Make and hold a personalised vision for home First steps to consider when making a unique home of your own
  • Living in your own home and settling in
  • Options for home and creative supports
  • Barriers, challenges and fears
  • Home as a part of community and neighbourhood
  • Set up for long term safety and success
  • Stories about people living in their own home with a range of supports

Cost: $50 (people with disability and families*); $75 (professionals and allies).

* Fee exemptions might be sought for people with disability and families: If you cannot afford the registration cost, we encourage you to contact us on 1800 774 764 or info@ric.org.au.

My Home, My Way is an initiative by the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO). This workshop is brought to you by the Inclusive Lives: Possibility to Reality Project

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