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Fostering Friendship and Community Connections Workshop - Online Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December

  • 07 December 2023 08 December 2023
  • 09:30am - 01:00pm 09:30am - 01:00pm
  • Online via Zoom

How can people with disability develop the same kinds of freely-given relationships and connections to the community that most people enjoy?

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Many people with disability live their lives surrounded by services or paid staff, with few relationships beyond their families. Having friendships and a community around us is an essential part of a fulfilling life, and also provides a safeguard for the future.

Join this 2-part workshop to:

  • Discover how to foster natural relationships in everyday contexts
  • Understand how to invite people to connect comfortably
  • Explore how a Circle of Support can multiply your efforts
  • Learn how to build community around a person that safeguards their life
  • Hear real-life stories from people who’ve used these strategies successfully
  • Learn how, as a supporter, you can take a crucial role in bringing people together so that genuine relationships can form.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants people with disability to experience a full and rich life. This includes people with disability, their families, friends and other supporters, and community members.

Bookings essential

$35 - people with disability & families
$50 - professionals

We don't want people with disability and families to miss out. We can help with the cost, just give us a call.

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