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Free Customised Employment Webinar Series - Tuesdays 17 & 24 October

  • 17 October 2023 24 October 2023
  • 10:00am - 11:30am 10:00am - 11:30am
  • Online via Zoom

The Power of Personalisation: Customised Employment Strategies for Success - Webinar Series

This is a 2-part webinar series, followed by a family only Discovery Discussion Group four weeks later

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People with disability face many barriers in accessing real, meaningful employment in the community. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this webinar series we explore how Customised Employment aligns a job candidate's interests, conditions and contributions, with business needs; opening the door to good employment for many people often considered unemployable, as well as those who have had limited opportunities in the job market.

By tailoring job-seeking strategies to the unique skills, abilities, and interests of each individual, this personalised approach increases the chances of finding the right job fit.

We will cover:

Part 1: Essential Elements of Customised Employment (17 October, 10-11.30am)

  • Exploring the four stages of Customised Employment
  • Understanding benefits and application of Customised Employment

Part 2: Deeper Dive into Discovery (24 October, 10-11.30am)

  • Understanding the Discovery process
  • Creating and utilising a Discovery Profile

Part 3: Discovery Discussion Group – Families Only (21 November 10am-12pm)

  • Families will be invited to this discussion group 
  • Meet with the team and other families in a confidential environment to unpack the discovery process; brainstorm possibilities and develop strategies to support successful employment

What is School to work?

School to Work aims to inspire and equip students with disability, through the support of families, to seek meaningful, paid employment in the community.

Who is this webinar series for?

Families who want to support the person with disability in their life into genuine employment in the community through Customised Employment. We also encourage attendance by professionals, service providers and anyone wanting to know more about this approach.

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